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United States immigration policy pros and cons

The immigration concern has been extremely hot discussion topics in US politics for many years. For a nation based on immigration throughout the entire world, it is really an specially sensitive subject in the USA. Below are some of the main United States immigration policy pros and cons.

United States immigration policy cons

Demographic Issues
As some people said, immigration is everything about numbers. If today’s immigration levels keep going, the American population is estimated to increase to around 450 millions by 2049. To paraphrase, the whole citizens of Mexico are going to be included in the American population within a few decades.

United States immigration policy cons
Communication concern
In the very first time, the US newcomers understand that they would have to learn English to assimilate with the new country. Yet in recent years, some areas of the country are changing into multilingual as fewer immigrants think that they need to study new language. Many of them feel they should never need to study English to speak to other Americans, while others see this as simply acceptable on reasons of enriching USA society and culture

Not too long ago it was calculated that one fourth of U.S. prisoners are immigrants, assisting to validate the concept that the less educated immigrants raises crimes, for example theft, violence an smuggling

United States immigration policy pros.

Cultural Exchange
Immigration could potentially lead to an exchange of thinking, knowing, experience and viewpoints. Because of immigration, Americans have been already familiar with many different cultures widely distinctive from their own, contributing to the richness of the America.

Distribution of Wealth
Many people think that immigration is crucial in starting up the worldwide industry and distributing wealth into less developed countries. Others battle this for the reason that the work and wealth of the US are its property and that immigration permits the distribution of wealth to people who it doesn’t truly belong to.

United States immigration policy pros

The Economy
Some people said that without illegal immigrants, the US economy would be damaged ’cause they are making up a big slice of the U.S. cheap work force. One counter-point is that illegal immigrants would normally get replaced by legal immigrants, which could become more useful to the economy. Additionally, many Americans believe that the prices of offering services, including healthcare and education, to illegal immigrants are a massive and problem on the U.S. taxpayer, reducing the economic development.

Exchange of Expertise
Many nations are losing their skilled, educated minorities to the U.S. This is known as a “brain drain,” or a drain of disproportionate numbers of skill and knowledge from one nation into another.

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