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What is the current immigration policy in the united states?

Current immigration policy in the united statesTaking about the current immigration policy in the united states,some American said that just get across the border into the U.S. and then just stay. You don’t need to learn English, and you don’t need a job. We taxpayers will buy you everything you need. And have lots of babies. Then you can get more money from the government. It’s not the truth but many people are doing that way.

In the real life, U.S. immigration policy has been formed not just by the perceived needs of the nation, but with the needs and ambitions of the immigrants themselves.

Current immigration policy in the united states is a response to the Immigration Act of 1924, which lowered the volume of immigration visas and given them according to national origin. Because the quotas for every single nationality were depending on its percentage of the U.S. population, the program favored northern Europeans and discriminated against Asians. In the 1960s national quotas were finally removed on equity grounds. Equal chance and family reunification became top goals, opening the entrance to bigger flows from Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Immigration policy must deal with a variety of economic, relief, and ethical issues. Central to the raging immigration debate are varying evaluations of the rights of immigrants to get along with their families, to uncover haven from political persecution, to look for a better quality of life, etc

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